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Now Accepting Applications
Now Accepting Applications

Giving to the IMG Academy Student-Athlete Foundation

What is the IMG Academy Student-Athlete Foundation?

Founded in 2013 as a means to provide additional funds to deserving student-athletes, the IMG Academy Student-Athlete Foundation provides opportunities for student-athletes who might not otherwise have the financial means to experience the world-renowned academics, athletics and character development.

Through the best education, athletic instruction, leadership programs and research, student-athletes can receive an unparalleled educational, social and athletic experience.

At IMG Academy, we aspire to build the leaders of tomorrow by challenging our student-athletes to learn, grow and champion the core attributes that define true leadership. With a culturally diverse and accepting campus environment that teaches core values like dedication and responsibility, IMG Academy graduates can take on all of life’s challenges with full confidence and preparedness.

Your donation can truly help mold the next generation of pioneers and influencers.

For all Foundation related inquiries, please contact:

Office of Advancement
1 (941) 749-8755

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