Golf Camps

The IMG Academy golf program offers golf camps led by expertly trained coaches universally known for their ability to teach a technically sound swing, while helping golfers learn how to manage any golf course to play better and post lower scores. 

Football Camps

Directed by Heisman Trophy/National Championship winner and former NFL quarterback, Chris Weinke, IMG Academy Football Camps provide the ultimate football training ground for every player by incorporating position-specific training from coaches who have instructed and competed at the highest levels of the game.

Football Training Program Notes


•Director Chris Weinke leads a group of coaches with vast collegiate and NFL playing and coaching experience

Boys Basketball Camps

Through technical instruction, intensive drill sequences, and guided gamesituational play from the industry’s most proven coaches, the IMG Academy basketball program’s highly refined training methods seamlessly translate from the practice court to game competition.

Baseball Camps

Anchored by coaches with years of collegiate and professional experience, the IMG Academy Baseball Camps provide the most comprehensive individualized training available in the game today. With innovative training programs and a state-of-the-art training complex that rivals most spring training complexes, everything a player needs to succeed is at his fingertips.

Gatorade Sports Science InstituteThe Gatorade Sports Science Institute at IMG Academy is a partnership with Gatorade to help athletes during their journey to become the total athlete.

college placement

IMG Academy boasts an unrivaled track record when it comes to helping prepare and send student-athletes to high-performing universities. The reason? Personal support and knowledgeable guidance throughout the process from our collegiate acceptance and eligibility experts.

The B1/B2 visa, otherwise known as a visitor/tourist visa, is specifically for persons wishing to enter the United States for business, pleasure, tourism, or medical needs. 

This visa is appropriate for:

  • athletes participating in IMG Academy sport program with no academic component
  • parents of academy students
  • camp participants and general tourists who wish to visit IMG Academy without enrolling in a full-time program

Parents of student-athletes are not eligible to “use” their child’s F-1 visa to enter the USA.

Please note that if you are attending a school other than IMG Academy, you must consult with that school’s advisor to find out their procedures for obtaining an I-20.

Please note that sport-only participants are not eligible for I-20s and/or student visas.


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