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IMG Graduate Kenny Kadji showing improvement at U of F

Kenny Kadji, a Class of 2008 graduate of the IMG Academy basketball program, is starting to hit his strideat the University of Florida for coach Billy Donovan. A section from the article linked above:

Progression has been slow - he's still averaging just 5.1 points and 2.1 rebounds per game - but there are moments where Kadji's skill shines through. Like when he catches the ball in the post, feels the defender and then turns and hits a jump shot.

Or when he blocked Vanderbilt's A.J. Ogilvy twice in a row the other day and then sprinted down to the offensive end and scored on a tip-in. It was probably Kadji's best sequence since he got to Florida, one that showed his length on the defensive end, his athleticism to get down the court and his timing to put the ball in the basket after a missed shot.

Kadji finished with seven points and four blocks in Florida's 82-68 win over the Commodores. That's coming off an 8-point, 8-rebound performance in the win over Alabama earlier in the week. There is improvement but now consistency is the next step in Kadji's development.

Kadji started his time at the IMG Academy basketball program a complete unknown in recruiting circles. His three yearsat the Academy weremarked by dramatic gainsfollowed by occasional hiccups--as the article says, Kadji's mainproblem on the floor at Florida is consistency. It was the same issue for him here.

However, by the end of his senior year, he was one widely considered one of the best five centers in the nation, and a Top 50 prospect overall. A McDonald's All-American nominee, Kadji has been a great example of what is possible when talent meets hard work, with a little planning thrown in for good measure.

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