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A few thoughts from Doris Chen

Doris ChenDoris ChenDoris Chen, from Taipei, Taiwan has been a David Leadbetter Golf Academy student for 3 years. She works with Academy Director, David Whelan on her game.

Doris is currently ranked in the Top 25 in the country. She is a 2011 grad.

Here are a few of Doris's thoughts......

Hardest part of coming to the academy

"I was scared." I didn't know anybody, I didn't speak English and there weren't many Chinese speaking students here to talk with. It was hard to learn English."

How is playing different here in the US compared to Taiwan?

"In Taiwan we have female caddies. They use a cart that fits 4 bags on it, so 4 people share 1 caddy. We do not carry our own bags in Taiwan."

How are tournaments different in the two countries?

"In Taiwan, there are maybe 200 junior golfers. So you see the same people and the same golfers win the tournaments. Here in the US, there are many, many junior golfers and you never know who may win."

How would you describe the David Leadbetter Golf Academy at IMG Academy?

"It is a good environment to practice golf. It is a good place to meet international people and to learn about different cultures and languages. It is a place to learn how we are different, but also how we are the same."

What have you improved in your game?

"I have improved my swing, my mental game and my results."

Doris's Tournament wins over the years

2008 AJGA Mizuno Jr. at Innisbrook 70-74-68=211

2008 FCWT Innisbrook Open 73-79-71=223

2007 FCWT University of Florida 67-71=138

2007 AJGA Taylor Woodrow 78-70-66=214

2007 FCWT Mission Inn Classic 71-72=143

2006 14th Annual CJGA World Jr. Golf Challenge 72-76-75=223

Goals for this year

To finish in the Top 10 of the US rankings (currently 22)

To hit the ball farther

To improve around the green

Hardest Golf course

Victoria Manor National in Indiana

Dream Foursome

Yani Tseng, Paula Creamer and Lorena Ochoa

Favorite Music Artist(s)

Justin Timberlake

Kelly Clarkson

Taylor Swift

Favorite Movie

Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers)

Favorite Books

Davinci Code

Angels & Demons

The Kite Runner

Favorite US City

Los Angeles

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