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Student makes moves to IMG Academy

MANATEE COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- Many parts of Florida have seen a slow down in population growth, but few areas have seen as dramatic a slow down as seen in Manatee County.

Manatee County only grew by 1,600 people last year. Population growth has not been that slow since 1970.

Still, the county is attracting some people, like Sharmila Kanvinde. Like half of Manatee's new arrivals, Kanvinde moved from outside of the United States. She came here from England to support her daughter, who is in training at IMG Academy, a big draw for many foreigners.

"My daughter is playing tennis here," she said. "So just basically for the training, she's based here, and I moved in just to support her."

The trickle down effect of the slow growth can be felt just about everywhere. The landfill sees less trash, schools enroll fewer students, the county utilities department sees fewer hookups and moving companies are sending more vans out of the area than in.

But for newcomers like Kanvinde, the surplus of houses and low home prices made the county a perfect choice for her family.

"It's not too big sized place, which I think makes it an advantage for us," she said.

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