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Youth swimmers from Germany spend their break at IMG

As dedication goes, swimmers Felix (age 12) and Moritz Bartels (9) definitely meet the requirements.

On Spring Break from their school in Germany, Felix and Moritz -- along with their parents, Martin and Ruth -- chose to spend their time in Florida not just to lay on the beach, but to give Felix and Moritz a chance to train at the IMG Swimming Academy. See video below for a sample of their program.

While searching for a school that provided English lessons, Martin and Ruth found the IMG Academy' Web site. Having heard of IMGA before through the popularity of tennis and Nick Bollettieri (who taught German tennis star Tommy Haas) in Germany, a scan of the Web site convinced Martin and Ruth that it was the right place for their sons to spend a week.

Felix and Moritz have spent the mornings taking English lessons and the afternoons training and swimming with coach Jorge Jaramillo.

"The boys told us that the training's even harder than in Germany," Martin said, "which is hard to begin with. We think that this is a great thing, and Felix and Moritz will go back in even better shape than when they came."

Martin was so impressed with IMGA and Jaramillo that he's going to talk to other swimmers in the German program about coming to IMGA next year during Spring Break.

"It was quite a pleasure for us," Martin said.

And that was before the family departed for Disney World.

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