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Moyer Brothers Coming of Age at the IMG Academy baseball program

MaxPreps staff writer Dave Krider did a feature story on IMG Academy baseball program students Dillon and Hutton Moyer. A sample from the linked article.

After first watching Dillon work out, Sharp recalled, “When I saw his athleticism, I knew he was going to be my starting shortstop right away. Our shortstop was a fifth-round draft pick and he (Dillon) filled that role very admirably. He'd still be our shortstop if he hit a buck-35 (.135).

“You can't describe the intangibles he brings. He made at least seven great plays (this spring). He's a very old-school type of player. He controls the bat very well, is a situational hitter and plays great defense.”

Last fall the Moyer brothers actually were teamed as a slick double-play combination during four weeks of intrasquad games.

Coach Sharp explained, “We had four teams and played our own in-house World Series. They are mirror images. They played on the same team as if they were Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker (former Detroit Tigers middle infielders). They were seamless. We work six days a week with that seventh day off. Dillon and Hutton always come back to the ball park. It just never stops for them. Their social life revolves around baseball. They are mature beyond their years.”

Sharp loses his team leader through graduation, but he emphasizes, “I can't wait until next year. (Dillon) will take that role and run with it. He'll be our leader by example. He's the most mature kid I've ever met.”

Adds IMG Academy baseball program director Ken Bolek, “Dillon is the type of player that you can build a team around, because he has accountability. He's very heady and extremely consistent. He's shown some power lately. We did some things with his hitting - changed his bat angle. He's hit two home runs and two balls off the wall since then. He hits to the entire field, so he'll have a high average.”

Dillon batted a fancy .377 this spring with a .534 on-base percentage. He had four doubles, two home runs, scored 33 runs and drove in 15 from the leadoff spot. He also drew 22 walks and struck out just 12 times in 77 at-bats. He runs the 60-yard dash in 6.8 seconds and has great instincts on the basepaths.

Hutton, who is 5-foot-5 and 110 pounds, played on the JV team this spring. A switch hitter, he batted a solid .290, drove in 10 runs, walked eight times and scored eight times in 31-at-bats. He fanned only three times.

“As he matures into his body, he can play any of the infield positions,” Sharp predicted. Hutton isn't worried, because he anticipates a big growth spurt sooner or later. His dad was only 5-9, 145 pounds as a high school senior and he grew to be 6-0, 180.

“We all anxiously await his growth spurt,” laughed Bolek, who affectionately has nicknamed him ‘Hulk.' “He's very athletic and doesn't allow the game to overpower him. A couple times he wanted to revert to batting right-handed, but we told him to make a decision and stick with it.”

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