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Alumni update: Kyle Allen continues to impress

Savannah Sand Gnats pitching coach Marc Valdes discusses Kyle Allen's future as a professional. Kyle was a high school standout at the IMG Academy baseball program and a 24th round selection for the NY Mets. A section from the Q&A with is below.

Matt Mauney May 28, 2009

SAVANNAH, GA - Now two months into the season, Savannah Sand Gnats pitching coach Marc Valdes sits downs with for a Q&A session regarding his young staff. What has made Jeff Kaplan so impressive this season? What positives does he see in Jeurys Familia? What does he think the future could hold for Kyle Allen? Find out the answers to those questions and more. Kyle Allen has a good fastball and a strong changeup, but how is his breaking ball coming along? How important is continued improvement with his sequencing? What is one area of his game that needs improvement that will be key to his success? Kyle has spent time as both a starter and reliever for Savannah what is his current role on the team and where do you see that taking him in the future?

Marc Valdes: His breaking ball is coming along. I'd say right now it's his third best pitch but it's not too far behind his other two good pitches. Right now he just needs to get innings in and be consistent. If he does that this kid can be something special.

He's coming along nicely but Kyle is still very young and it takes a while and a lot of years of experience. He's gotten a lot better with his sequencing and the more pitches he throws the more we'll be able to see him come along.

I think that once you get into this setting here you want to see consistent outings each time and I think that so far he has done that. We like to teach all the pitchers to get quick outs on three or four pitches and when he is able to do that consistently I think he will be able to bring his game to a whole new level.

Right now he's getting experience in all areas. He's getting experience coming into the start of the game and setting the pace and also coming in the middle or late in games when the game is tight or with runners on base. This kid has a chance to be a #2 starter in the big leagues for a long time.

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