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Murphy tabbed as Top 10 Prospect at FACA All Star Game

Anup Sinha of had the hard task of compiling a top 10 prospect list from the FACA All Star Game, an event that saw 18 of the Top 200 draft prospects in action. A sample from his write up is below.

In an event that may produce upwards of 30 draft picks this year, it's awful hard to pick a Top-10. I'm willing to bet that there will be a number of first-five round picks who were excluded from this list.

The strength of the event is the strength of the state's high school class: namely catching and middle infielders. Both positions are as deep with first-five round talent as I've seen for a state in a single draft class.

Without further ado, here is the very difficult Top-10 Prospects from the All-Star Classic in Sebring. This is based not simply on performance at the event, but on where the scouting industry sees them going into the draft. I've used my own judgment when pertinent but the bulk of the rankings and comments have incorporated the opinions of major league scouts.

6. J.R. Murphy, C, IMG Academy HS

Murphy is known for his advanced righthanded bat and though he didn't square up any balls this weekend, scouts know what he can do. Having a short release and solid-average arm-strength behind the plate helps his cause, though the 5-11, 180 Murphy needs a lot more repetitions and hard work to make him into an average receiver. Most scouts like him second or third round, but I've spoken with a couple who like him even higher than that. Murphy is signed with Miami.

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