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Game 4, IMG vs. Real Colorado

Brazilian Midfielder Ricardo Batista with a supporting cast at the USDA Finals in Carson, CA
Brazilian Midfielder Ricardo Batista with a supporting cast at the USDA Finals in Carson, CA

WIth an all Senior starting line up today vs. Real Colorado, the IMG U-18 boys quest to leave their mark in IMG history and the USDA Finals.

Starting for IMG: Goalkeeper, Larry Jackson, Defense, Brad Doliner, Ambry Moss, John Rayha, Jon Eckford, Midfield, Alex Waltes, Luis Ocejo, Tyler Currence, Miguel Medina, Forwards, Benny Barshai, Luis Calzadilla

Subs: Martin Ontiveros, Chase Miller, Atticus Deprospo, Fernando Mares, Reinaldo Brenes, Jorge Risquez, Andres Acevedo

84 Degess, Sunshine, Slight breeze.

5pm PST/8pm EST Kickoff 0:00 Real Colorado Ball

2:30: Shot by Calzadilla out for an IMG corner kick.....cleared by Colorado, IMG throw in

3:35: Currence is fouled 35yards out, Free kick played into the box....missed header by Barshai

5:20: Colorado is fouled onto IMG Box: free kick......shot wide, Goalkick

IMG Balls deep in Colorado territory.......throw in taken by Currence

17:00: Colorado is contoling the tempo...ball played down the left wing, failed cross attempt. IMG Goalkick

24:00. Ball stoled by Moss, Coutner and shot by

29:45: Shot by Walters, easy save for Real Colorado

33:15 Free Kick attemt for IMG...Calzadilla steps

41:40: Hard tackle made by Eckford, Yellow card. Free kick Colorado, Cleared by Walters

42:10, Shot by Ocejo, save

HALFTIME IMG 0, Real Colorado 0

45:00 IMG kickoff

47:00: Eckford overlaps with the right wing.....crosss, header by Barshai, just over the cross bar.....goalkick

50:10: 50/50 ball won by Walters ontop of Colorado box...shot, just wide!

51:30: Colorado coutners.....shot inside the box...BIG SAVE BY JACKSON

52:50: IMG corner kick, shot by Calzadilla wide, Goalkick

58:00: IMG Substituion, into the game, Chase Miller for John Rayha

60:15: IMG Sub, Rienaldo Brenes into the game for Tyler Currence

63:00. IMG sub, Jorge Risquez and Martin Ontiveros into the game for Jon Eckford and Luis Ocejo

67:15, Shot by Ontiveros, wide, goalkick

69:30: Penetration by Acevedo, IMG cornerkick.....cleared by Colorado Defence

73:25: Shot by Calzadilla.....Save by Real, IMG CornerKick....Cleared

76:40: IMG Sub...Fernando Mares into the game for Brad Doliner

79:00 Free Kick to IMG 35 yards out....Ontiveros over the ball to result

77:00: Ball stolen by Colorado, one on one vs. Walters, shot wide...Goalkick

80:00 Colorado Cornerkick...goalkick

*a tie at the end of regulation will send the match into two 15 minutes halves of overtime. then Penalty kicks.

83:15: Free kick to IMG, Brenes to serve, ball cleared................back into by Colorado

90:00....2 minutes of stoppage time have been added


90:00 Kickoff Real Colorado ( This is now Brad Doliner reporting for IMG) Hello to all watching this...ecspecialy the one back in Bradenton.

All smiles on the IMG Bench supporting the team in this overtie match

92:00 IMG cornerkick.....HEADER BY BRENES....just over the bar

97:00 Colorado Yellow Card, hard foul on Calzadilla

100:00: Foul on Moss, Yellow card. Colorado has a free kick on the corner of the IMG box, headed out by Walters

112:00 two shots by Mares, blocked by Colorado. IMG corner kick....Header by Mares, too high

114:00. Risquez down the left wing.....crosss.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL IMG....Avcedo one timer!!!!

Second half of overtime

115:00 Colorado Kickoff

117:00: Shot by Ontiveros.....goalkick

124:00 IMG pushes the attack with Acevedo.........possession game for IMG

125:00: Free kick for Colorado at half field

130:00.......2 minutes of extra time has been added


The Boys Celebrate thier #3 Rank in the Nation

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