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Introducing your Tennis College Tournament format winners!

(Clickable photos below)

It started with a draft of players of various ages and abilities.

Then, over the course of a week, 10 teams in the morning and 10 teams in the afternoon battled it out in a Tennis College Tournament format competition, with team unity, spirit and passion adding to the usual individual tennis setting.

When players weren't competing, they were cheering on teammates. Crucial matches were greeted by joyous sprints onto the court by the victors and frustrated silence by those who lost. It truly represented the ultimate in team tennis.

The winners:


Alejandro Gomez

Reece Breault

Carter Lin

Shou Wang

Katie Spivak

Johana Zarur

Basant Singh

Rebecca Graff


Allie Baer

Arina Kuznetsova

Max Borland

Matus Lazar

Zijao Zhang

Yasmine Xantos

Lutwin De Macar

Rashab Jain

Evgenia Igumnova

Bella Blevio

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