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IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program finishes 2nd in PPI Challenge Cup


Twelve matches weren't enough to decide a winner between IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program and longtime rival T Bar M Tennis Academy.

After a 6-6 deadlock for the championship of the PPI Challenge Cup, T Bar M's 16s utilized an outstanding display of attacking doubles to take the tiebreaker 10-4 and win the title.

The IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program team included (roster changed mid-tournament due to injuries and prior obligations): Alex Albarici, Beatrice Cedermark, Chen Chaoyi, Mary Beth Hurley, Balaji Jothishankar, Ian Laster, Carter Lin, Alfonso Montoya, Tommy Mylnikov, Natella Nabieva, Jillian Rooney, Mariya Shishkina, David Sofaer, Alex Stiteler and Anish Wijeshinge.

In this college-style team format, IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program started strong with a 11-1 win over St. Stephens from Texas on Friday. On Saturday, IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program defeated Lifetime Tennis 8-4 of California in the morning and a 7-5 win against Bill Clark Tennis of Florida in the afternoon.

In the championship, IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program fought back from a 1-3 deficit, with Alex Stiteler winning her singles match to knot it at 6-6. With T Bar M getting to 6 first, they had the choice of ages to play in the tiebreaker and chose the 16s, who downed IMG for the championship.

Final results:

1) T Bar M

2) IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program

3) Bill Clark

4) Saddlebrook

5) St. Stephens (Texas)

6) Kansas City United

7) Trent Tucker

8) Lifetime


Lifetime: Justin Abrams, Michael Tebon, David Zhow, Kavir Kumar, Jessa Richards, Maddie Baxton, Morgan Marinovich, Hayley Haakenstad

Bill Clark: Dave Kelleher, Jake Albo, Ryan Smith, Jose Garcia, Michael Plutt, Scott Plutt, Amelia Martinez, Shea Brodsky, Valerie Trench, Danielle Obolevitch

KC United: Travel Neilson, Hunter Waylen, Vin Pham, Justin Leslie, Noelle Malley, Ashley Tiefel, Olivia Sneed, Alexa Tiefel

St. Stephens: Ali Rizvi, Michael Brewer, Clayton Niess, Charles Tan, Courtney Lawless, Natahsa Rizvi, Dominique Esparza, Addi Ford

Trent Tucker: John Warden, Mitcheal Knight, Connor Finerty, William Genesen, Stephanie Wei, Nicolle Hoose, Madison Westby, McKinleigh Lair

Saddlebrook: Senka Radovic, Isabella Krupa, MacKenzie LeClair, Amanda Rodgers, Luisa Pintado, Linn Timmermann, Nil Horoz, Sinan Orhon, Martin Stoyanov, Christian Diesler, Emery Lagardere, Rick Timmermann, Damian Gryzelko, Clay Crawford, Lucius Von Arnim, Ayush Bajoria

T Bar M: Dane Webb, Mitch Krueger, Blake Myrin, Jacob Hagadorn, Megan Horter, Nicole Long, Peggy Porter, Elizabeth Porter

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