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NFL Combine: Sitting down with...Alabama's Lorenzo Washington

In the months leading up to the NFL combine, several collegiate football players will spend time at the Athletic & Personal Development program preparing themselves for the rigors and pressure of the combine, which will help determine how high or low a player goes in the NFL Draft. Here's one of the players:

Lorenzo Washington
Lorenzo Washington

Lorenzo Washington has lived in many places. Originally from San Diego, CA, he moved to Virginia when he was 8-years-old. He then traveled to northern Virginia before living in Ohio for a year. Then he moved back to northern Virginia, lived in Richmond for a year, and then to Atlanta, GA. Fresh off a national championship at the University of Alabama, Lorenzo Washington is now continuing his hard work, this time down to IMG Academy to train for the NFL combine. Who knows where he'll go next...

His first ever college recognition...

"The first letter I ever got, ironically, was from the Texas Longhorns at the beginning of my junior year. The school I played for had recently broken off and formed a new school, so I was the first person from my team to get that kind of recognition. Five years later, here we are."

Lorenzo's compassionate side...

"I love helping out little kids. Everybody sees the tattoos, and I'm a bigger, imposing figure, but I'm really down to earth. I come from a big family, I have two younger siblings. I just love working with kids, especially kids who've had to deal with a lot. I've been through some stuff, but I always try to let myself be there for someone who is really in need. Even if all it means is talking to someone, I want to be there for them."

On being a national champion...

"It really still hasn't hit me yet. I mean I understand that we won, we're on top, but once you start getting into that mindset throughout the season, its almost like anything else wouldn't have cut it. Sitting back last year watching Florida win the national championship and then of course losing to Utah, it felt like we could have beat Florida. This year we had the mindset that we weren't gonna be denied. It feels great to go out there and follow through on everything we wanted to."

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