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Truth about Mentality: Weekly tips #2

Mental conditioning

There are a great deal of common beliefs and habits that many athletes tend to struggle with. If you as an athlete can learn to appreciate the following mental conditioning truths, you will be able to appreciate a perspective shift that may elevate your performances. REMEMBER: A successful athlete's focus is on the development of their performance, not the outcome.

3. You always choose how to respond. Whether you choke, tank or get angry, realize that it is always your choice. No one ever makes you act the way you do. Make sure you choose the right ways to respond, with the best possible choice that can lead you toward success.

4. You play better when you don't think. Therefore you need to practice until you can play without thinking. Repetition without judging or criticizing yourself is fundamentally important.

Tips 5 and 6 coming next week...

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