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Fast break with Coach Nate-- "Old guys" in the West

If you look at teams that have put themselves in position to make a run deep into the playoffs all of these teams have some very solid veteran or "Old Guy" leadership. Please understand that "Old Guys" in this case is not a put down, in today' s NBA where so much focus and attention is given to LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and the youth of the league. This list is to show respect some guys who have performed at a high level and proven themselves over time in the NBA.

Dallas - Jason Kidd (36) is averaging 9.3 pts and 9.3 assists per game and has a 3.9 assist to turnover ratio (3rd in the league behind Chris Paul and Jose Calderon) . While those numbers are great, the greater part of what JKidd brings is leadership to a team that has always struggled to get over hump.Phoenix - Even more impressive than the numbers Jason Kidd has put up for Dallas are the numbers put up by Steve Nash (36). Steve is averaging 18.3 pts and 11.1 assists per game and he is truly the driving force behind the league's highest scoring team (109.9 ppg).

San Antonio - Tim Duncan (33) is and should be remembered as one of the top 3 players in this generation and what he has done this year does not take away from that. Tim only plays 32.2 minutes per game and is currently 19th in the league in scoring averaging 19.4 pts while his point per 48 minutes total would be 28.9 points and good for 11th in the league (he is the top scoring center in the league per 48 mins) in that category. What does all that mean? This "Old Guy" is getting it done and being very efficient. His lack of minutes is a plan of attack from Coach Greg Popovich in order to keep Duncan healthy and ready to lead the Spurs deep into the playoffs.

Denver - Last but certainly not least Chauncey Billups (33) who is averaging 19.6 pts and 6.1 assists per game. Denver is one of the hottest teams in the league right now largely in part to the play of Billups. During the Nuggets last game vs. the Lakers (2/5) Chauncey went off going 12-20 from the floor and 9-13 from 3 for 39 points and threw in 8 assists but more impressive than the numbers was the way he literally took over the game, his confidence and leadership is what got the Melo-less Nuggets the win

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