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Casey Kelly continues MLB transformation

During his time at IMG Academy, Casey Kelly has transformed himself from a great high school player to a professional baseball player with the title of Boston Red Sox's Minor League Player of the Year. Kelly's future as a major league pitcher is promising, and IMG Performance Specialist Corey Stenstrup will continue to help guide Kelly's workouts along the way:

Wave goodbye to the Sarasota High Casey Kelly, the 18-year-old, 190-odd pound Casey Kelly, a body of untapped potential, the kind of which makes Corey Stenstrup drool.

Say hello to the professional ballplayer Casey Kelly, now 20, now 220 pounds, now equipped, more than ever, to become the king of the hill the Boston Red Sox envision.

And Stenstrup is the one doing the pushing.

"He's a legit XX,'' the performance specialist at the Athletic & Personal Development program said. "When you look at him, he has the appearance now of somebody who is biologically becoming a man.

"He's no longer a high schooler on the cusp of being a man.''

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