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Soccer Tip: Perfect your passing

-from Coach Amanda Gatchel

"Around the square " passing drills:

In a square zone of 20 yds x 20 yds, five players complete a variety of passing followed by a run to the next corner: the five players position themselves at the corners behind the square, starting with 3 touches (receive the ball ,dribble and pass) to 2 touches (receive and pass) . Players alternate, first working with the strong foot and then working with their non-dominant foot, going clockwise and counterclockwise.

The next segment involves a series of 1 touch passes to complete a ‘give and go' ball to the next player and so on.

To increase the speed of play a second ball is introduced in the exercise.

"Two players combinations" drill:

In a rectangular zone of 20 yds X 40 yds 6 players position themselves at the corner of the rectangle. Two players combine with a series of passing from one side of the zone to the other where there will be two players to receive the ball and go the opposite way. The exercise starts with a simple ‘give and go' and progresses into an ‘ overlapping run', followed by a passing combination with 4 players.

This exercise is followed by a shooting drill where players shoot on goal after a few passing combinations.

-Amanda Gatchel is the Assistant Director of the IMG Academy soccer program.

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