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IPI's Trevor Moawad: mental expert

Athletic & Personal Development program Director Trevor Moawad is a mental conditioning expert whose knowledge has been called upon by many top athletic programs in the nation. This work included helping the University of Alabama football team during their national championship campaign last season and now work to help the program at Florida State. Ira Schoffel from the Tallahassee Democrat had the full story:

Trevor Moawad
Trevor Moawad

According to Moawad, there are four types of athletes:

# Unconsciously incompetent - They don't know how to succeed, and they don't know that they don't know;

# Consciously incompetent - They know they don't know;

# Unconsciously competent - They have been successful, but they are not sure why;

# Consciously competent - They know, and they know why they know.

The last of those groups is the domain of optimal performance, and Moawad's quest is to help his clients get there.

Sometimes, that means helping them tune out negative thoughts and emotions. And other times, it means drawing upon the positive habits of others.

There are certain things that all successful athletes have in common," Moawad said. "And those are things we can adapt."

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