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IMG Academy baseball program/IMG Academy basketball program students dominate vision test leaderboards


The results are in, the scores have been computed and the leaderboard is ready for everyone to view in the the Athletic & Personal Development program vision training room.

Interestingly, Sam Zussman, Managing Director of IMG Academy, has two records to his name! Sam showed his exceptional concentration and scanning skills on the concentration board, an exercise in which you find randomized numbers with various backgrounds as fast as possible.

Baseball students are well represented among the best of the best. Nolan Rich has worked hard to obtain three records while Adam Pavkovich, an outfielder with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim who trained at IMG Academy for three months, has six records to his name. Lydia Tsao and Jackie Sime represented basketball very well on the rotary pursuit (tracking moving targets) and the SVT board (eye-hand reaction training). Matthew Glodack, the only soccer player with a record, shows he can flex his eye muscles on the near/far accommodation exercise. Way out from left field, our very own Graeme Lauriston of the Bollettieri Sports Therapy Center is the master of the SVT board at 60 lights.

Concentration Boards 15 numbers: Sam Zussman (IMG Academy Director) 29 seconds

25 numbers: Sam Zussman (IMG Academy Director) 79 seconds

Near/Far Accomodation 59 targets: Matthew Glodack (Soccer)

Saccades- Horizontal 47 targets at Chart Position 4: Nolan Rich (Baseball)

Vertical 47 targets at Chart Position 4: Adam Pavkovich (Baseball)

Tachistoscope Level 8.8: Nolan Rich (Baseball)

Rotary Pursuit 10 feet Level 20: Jackie Sime (Basketball)

5 feet Level 20: Jackie Sime (Basketball)

SVT Board 10lights 2.15 sec: Lydia Tsao (Basketball)

20lights 6.29 sec: Jackie Sime (Basketball)

30 lights 10.21 sec: Adam Pavkovich (Baseball)

40 lights 14.34 sec: Nolan Rich (Baseball)

50 lights 18.71 sec: Adam Pavkovich (Baseball)

60 lights 24.15 sec: Graeme Lauriston (Physical Therapist)

All record holders have been actively participating in regular vision sessions twice a week. We encourage anyone that would like to challenge these scores to come t0 the Athletic & Personal Development program. You may also contact Mike McAdams (941.752.2688 or if you would like to formally train and give yourself a better chance of securing a record and improving your overall athletic performance.

We are currently training students twice a week using nine different practical exercises that improve depth perception, near and far focus, scanning and recognition, visual memory and reaction times just to name a few. Optimum effects and a high level of visual enhancement can be attained after 36 sessions.

David Da Silva is a mental conditioning/vision specialist for the Athletic & Personal Development program. He has a master's in exercise science from Barry University and played four years of soccer at New Hampshire College.

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