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Mizzou Athletics developing a "comprehensive approach" at IMG Academy

The University of Missouri Athletic Performance staff is always striving to raise the level of Mizzou Athletics. Last year they identified their need to improve on movement training techniques. This year their objective is to, in the words of Assistant Athletic Director of Athletic Performance Pat Ivey, "develop a comprehensive and integrated approach that accounts for all aspects of performance." Today they visited IMG Academy to learn more ways to do just that.

Mizzou staff in the vision training room
Mizzou staff in the vision training room

David DaSilva showing the record holders for the eye vision exercises on the leaderboard

"Trevor (Moawad) visited us (at Mizzou) because he was working with Jeremy Macklin, and after talking to him it flipped a switch. He's a very passionate and impactful person, and when we meet people like that we get interested because we know people with that much passion get things done." said Josh Stoner, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Mizzou. "That made us wonder 'what are they doing down there?' and started our quest to learn more."

During their visit, they participated in each different type of training session offered at IMG Academy, including mental conditioning with IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsDirector Trevor Moawad, eye-vision training with David DaSilva, a gameon session with Chris Friday and Blair Dalton, and a nutrition consultation with Dr. Sally Parsonage. They also learned about the C360 athletic performance assessment, which included each of the above aspects, from Dr. Angus Mugford, and then observed the IMG Academy Baseball squad go through the whole thing.

Trevor Moawad speaking to the Mizzou staff

Testing out the SVT board

"We kind of had a basic understanding of the disciplines that were taught here, but I think the most eye-opening thing is how in depth everything is, and what really seems to make it work is the passion everyone has and how much everyone really cares about what they're doing," Ivey said, before adding, "There's a great staff here that all works together. From the mental to the physical, nutrition to the vision training, it's comprehensive, it's integrated, and it comes across in everyone's character that passion is there. The scale and magnitude of how things are done here is very impressive."

At the end of the day, both Ivey and Stoner talked about the impression IMG Academy left on them:

"We're impressed with how everyone has identified today's culture, and the measures that have been put in place to overcome the negatives that the culture is teaching athletes, students, and kids today. This is a trend that's going on, how can we use the technology and things like that in a positive way, while also teaching that you can't cut corners. It's all about performance and improving your ability to do your task, whether it be school or sport."

"Hitchhiker" improv game, one of many gameon communication exercises

Opening up in gameon

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