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2010 NCAA Men's D1 Lax Championships Saturday Preview from Coach Ventiquattro

Coach Tony Ventiquattro
Coach Tony Ventiquattro

From IMG Academy lacrosse program's Tony Ventiquattro

What's up, what's up fellow laxers? I decided to give you my point of view on the recent announcements of the 2010 NCAA DI Lax Brackets from the men's side. I am sure there are some office pools out there, and last year I finished 2nd in mine, missing just two games, so here are my initial thoughts on round 1...but first a summary on the tournament at a whole: it is time to expand! The game is growing at an unbelievable rate, a few teams proved their cases, but with just 16 teams to chose from and six of them being AQ's (leaving ten at large bids), there was some leaving out, no doubt. I have never been a believer in SOS, RPI or rankings especially for lacrosse, they rarely have it right, and based on who plays who you can't compare apples to oranges.

Round 1 Matchups (Saturday):

No. 1 Virginia (14-1) vs. Mt. Saint Mary's (12-4)

Saturday, May 15 Live on ESPNU 7:30 p.m.

UVA gets rewarded as they should, a rematch from Feb. 23 the ‘hoo's rolled, this should be much of the same, nice to see MSM in the tourney but, UVA will be playing for the lacrosse world. This one will not be much of a game at all.

Denver (12-4) vs. No. 8 Stony Brook (12-3)

Saturday, May 15 Live on ESPNU 5 p.m.

SB is hot, the pioneers may be hotter, another rematch from earlier in the season March 20, UD came out on top 13-12, this may very well be the best game of the 1st round, look for a shootout, I give slight edge to Denver, they have had a mix of come from behinds, they just find a way to win, they dropped three of their first four, and then found a rhythm. A carrot does dangle in front of SB as the sea wolves with a W could host in the quarters. Still going with my gut and Coach T...Advantage Denver.

No. 5 Duke (12-4) vs. Johns Hopkins (7-7)

Saturday, May 15 Live on ESPN Noon

Duke and the Hop, how and why JH got in, the world may never know, but they are in, 39 in a row, impressive! The Blue Jays have had the Dukie's number, but what a better way of getting off the Hopkins snide than in the NCAA tourney. Is this a reward for Duke? I don't really think so Duke split with the number one team in the land, and other losses come from 3 NCAA tourney teams, two of which who are seeded. Hopkins barely squeaked out a .500 season, they will be out to prove themselves. Close game, but I see Duke pulling away late.

No. 3 Maryland (11-3) vs. Hofstra (9-4)

Saturday, May 15 Live on ESPNU Noon

The ‘terps get a pretty decent draw here, or so it seems, with a W they potentially face the Tigers at home, which doesn't seem too rewarding for a #3 seed. Hofstra has some firepower, but a lot are questioning them receiving an at large, they will be playing with nothing to lose, MD has focus on one game at a time. I see this one going to the MD, but this has the potential for upset alert.

No. 7 Cornell (10-5) vs. Loyola (MD) (9-4)

Saturday, May 15 Live on ESPNU 2:30 p.m.

Cornell has had its own shares of ups and downs. But like many other of the Iyy's showed they can run with the big guns. The hounds, like Hop and ND are playing with a chip on their shoulder with something to prove, as they sneak in. I am taking the big red at home, for a potential rematch with Cuse.

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