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IMG Academy Leadbetter golf program's Gemma Dryburgh Strengthening Her Game...One Raisin at a Time

In the past year Gemma Dryburgh has upped her conditioning on all fronts. She has been working with Trevor "TA" Anderson to strengthen her core and increase her stamina. To strengthen her mind in a competitive setting, she now works with David DaSilva in the mental conditioning side of the Athletic & Personal Development program. Apparently the training is paying off: Gemma posted a 148 (77-71) to win the Feather Sound Open at the Feather Sound Country Club on May 1-2.

On her physical training in her own words:

"With TA, I've been working on my cardio, strength, and flexibility. My core is a lot stronger now, so I've added a lot of distance to my game and that has helped tremendously. In the final round it was about 90 degrees out, so I don't think I would have been able to last down the stretch if I hadn't been working on my cardio so much."

On her mental conditioning:

"David (DaSilva) has had me go through some pretty interesting exercises. In one of them, he had me eat a raisin for 6 minutes. I was to stare at it for 4 minutes: notice its wrinkles, how it felt in my hands, the size of it, and concentrate on only the raisin. Then, for the last 2 minutes, I ate it and noticed the taste, the feeling, and how it changed in my mouth. It helped me concentrate on the task at hand and focus on nothing else. Apparently it worked very well, because I won the next tournament I played in."

Gemma will continue to work with TA and David, strengthen her core and (maybe) eat more raisins. Next up for the young Scot (from Aberdeen) will be the US Open Qualifier, where she's excited to play with the pros to see how she fares.

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