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2010 Leadbetter End-of-the Year Awards!

The 2010 Full Time Awards Banquet was held on May 11. It was a day fun filled day as it got started with a morning and afternoon scramble. And it was followed by a nice dinner and award ceremony.

The evening started with a buffet style dinner that included a variety of salads, soup, fruit and had a couple of entrée's to choose from.

Director David Whelan started off thanking everyone for attending, for a great year and congratulated the graduating seniors.

On campus awards were given by Ash Ghaffari and Ashley Holder followed by Trevor “TA” Anderson who honored golfers, Gemma Dryburgh and Bjarki Julisson for their outstanding efforts in the department of physical conditioning. He gave them each an arm band with his signature saying “Get Better Everyday”!

Then Joe Rassett, the Head Golf Professional at IMG CC, handed out the Scramble prizes. This included nearest to the pin prizes and the scramble awards winners. To determine the winner was quite exhaustive as 4 teams tied for first. The eventual winners, after the process of elimination, were Leadbetter Instructor Kevin Collins, Laetitia Beck, Victoria Tanco and Manik Singh. Runner-up honors went to the team of Leadbetter instructor Nathan Bertsch, Ginger Howard, Karter Clark and Remec Carlson. And by virtue of the tie breaker in 3rd place was James "Tiger" Yoon, Ben Davis, Sam Nichamin and Leadbetter Instructor, David Madras.

Senior Instructor, Jay Denton introduced the 2010 “Money List” and Match Play awards.

2010 Saturday Tournaments Money List

Winner: Jeffrey Meltzer

Runner up: Doris Chen

Third Place: Ginger Howard

Fourth Place: Christina Miller

Fifth Place: James Liang

2010 Match Leadbetter Match Play

Semi-finalist: Christina Miller and Ginger Howard

Runner-up: Petch Vattanapisit

Champion: Doris Chen

This year, we changed up the awards and made it a little more interesting for the golfers. For the first time in 15 years we introduced Leadbetter All-American Teams!

A Leadbetter All American Honorable Mention is a student that is working and striving for excellence in their golf games and all the areas that make up academy life. They are someone that has seen improvements and are willing to put in the work to achieve their personal goal of being the best they can be. They have proved this over a year long period at the academy.

2010 Leadbetter Honorable Mention All-American

Zach Duan

Brooke Stephens

Alson Keeler

Marck Sanchez

Karter Clark

Vivian Chen

Alex Osborne

Alex Pichler

Inch Liu

Osama Khan

A Leadbetter Second Team All-American is a student that excels a golf but also other areas of Academy life. This person has a holistic approach to their development as a golfer and works with equal determination on their mind, body and golf game. They have proved this over a year long period at the academy.

2010 Leadbetter Second Team All-American

Dottie Ardina

Gemma Dryburgh

Allie Wang

Robbie Howard

Hally Leadbetter

Matt Felsenfeld

Tiger Yoon

Steven Lu

Tyler Sluman

Daniel Jaramillo

Sophie Hayahsi

Cyril Suk

A Leadbetter First Team All-American is a student that excels at golf, in school and other areas of academy life. This person has a holistic approach to their development as a golfer and works with equal determination on their mind, body and golf game. A First Team Leadbetter All American is someone that can be counted on and are accountable for their actions. They set the highest standards in how they represent their family, country, the Academy and themselves. Over a year period the have shown themselves to stand above the rest and do things each day that coaches, parents and students take note of.

Leadbetter First Team All-American

Ai Miyazawa

Jordan Lippetz

Sammi Stevens

Ginger Howard

Mint Kongkiatkrai

Doris Chen

Gary Dunne

Rigel Fernandes

Jeffrey Meltzer

Sean Kelly

Sam Fu

Petch Vattanapisit

Laetitia Beck - Also named the Girls Most Valuable Player

Cheng-Tsung Pan - Also named the Boys Most Valuable Player

Maria Garcia-Estrada Award

This award honors the memory of Maria Garcia-Estrada who died on September 3rd, 2005 at the age of 24 of a rare form of cancer. She came to the Leadbetter Academy from Tenerife, Spain in 1996 (her sophomore year) and spent three years here. While at the academy she was a two time AJGA All-American and was Valedictorian of her senior class at Bradenton Academy. She went on a full scholarship to Duke and played for the Blue Devils from 1999-2003. She won the ACC Championships as a freshman as well as receiving Second-Team All-American honors. Maria was a member of Duke's 2002 NCAA Championship team and a member of 4 ACC Championship teams. The Blue Devils won 31 tournaments during her four-year career.

This award is given to a graduating senior who exemplifies a great spirit and passion for the game. It is awarded to a student who excels in the classroom as well as on the course.

This year the award went to Katerina Prorokova of the Czech Repebulic.

Katerina has been a student at the Leadbetter Academy for 2 years under the guidance of Leadbetter Instructor Jason Suedhof. She carries a 4.14 GPA at the IMG Academy School and currently maintains a 78 tournament scoring average.

Gretchen Ulinger, of the IMG Academy School, says “that establishing a 4.14 GPA over the last two years when English is not her first language is a testimony not only to her intellectual strength, but to her fierce determination. She is an unusually well-rounded, consistent young person. She has a mature understanding of herself as a student and as an athlete. Dependable, reliable, honest and disarmingly kind. She is respected by her teachers, coaches and peers.”

Katerina's dorm mentor has this to say: “Katerina sets a personal standard of excellence in all aspects of academy life and is respected by students and staff alike. She inspires peers to follow her lead, whether putting her athleticism to the test or sharing her positive attitudes and ideas.”

Jason Suedhof, Katerina's golf coach says, “Katerina is an extraordinary student who has sacrificed her personal and family life to become a champion golfer. Through diligent effort and a great attitude she has proven to be a true leader and an asset to the game of golf.”

Katerina will be attending UNLV on a golf scholarship!

Maria Garcia-Estrada Award Winner.....Katerina Prorokova and her instructor- Jason Suedhof
Maria Garcia-Estrada Award Winner.....Katerina Prorokova and her instructor- Jason Suedhof

2010 Saturday Tournament "Money List" Winner....Jeffrey Meltzer with Leadbetter Instructor Jay Denton

2010 Match Play Champion.....Doris Chen (with Jay Denton)

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