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Spotlight: IMG Prep Alumni To Play At Kent State

Since IMG's inception the focus has been to hone an athletes skill set, physical condition and even mental focus. This is achieved in various ways such as weight training in IMG's state of the art Performance Institute, getting coaching and counseling from the experienced IMG staff from various departments and much much more.

This spotlight is on an IMG Prep Alumni Brian Frank who has taken a winding road to play the game of basketball. This Florida native came to IMG after graduating from high school to train with Coach Dan Barto in an effort to prepare himself for the next level. Brian was invited to be a walk-on at the University of Louisville and also went to University of South Florida for a season.

Brian Frank @ IMG Academy basketball program
Brian Frank @ IMG Academy basketball program

Brian Frank is back at IMG training in the Basketball Facility to prepare for his upcoming season at Kent State as small forward. "I feel this training has shaped my game, it has made me more of a threat , and I'm a more consistent shooter."

Name: Brian Frank

Age: 22

Position: Small Forward

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

Word Association:

Pat Riley...Succesful

Arnold "Red" Auerbach...Cigar

Brian Frank... Dedicated

For Brian's full profile click here.

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