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Jackson is Back at his 'Workplace' IMG's Own Returns From Overseas Ball

Before many players make the transition from high school to college ball or college to pro ball many need to sharpen their skills. From first round picks to players trying to get a pro tryout or even players bound for overseas ball. Whatever the player, the position or talent once they train at IMG Academy they know that there is no other place like this. Aaron Jackson is one such player who has gone abroad to play basketball and now is back training at IMG.

Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson

Name: Aaron Jackson

Height/ Weight: 6"4/ 185lb.

Position: Guard

Hometown: Hartford, Conn.

Aaron Jackson, who played at Duquesne and trained before the 2009 NBA Draft, is back training at the Academy with Coach Dan Barto. He played in Italy (Bologna) this season. These are some of his thoughts...

Aaron on how you he thinks his previous season in Italy went... It went fairly well. I enjoyed it. I think individually I played good, learned a lot. We made it to the playoffs but lost in the first round.

On what was the best/ worst part of playing overseas... Worst part-Definitely is being so far away, not being close to family and friends. Not being able to play in front of loved ones. Best part- Man.. I was in Italy got to be the pasta. The food was real good (with a smirk).

On the competition level in the Italian league...There are some really good players. It's a different type of basketball; smarter it seems. The 7 footers can shoot, more strategy to the game and it makes you a smarter basketball player.

On learning Italian...I had to eat so 'how much is this' came up a lot. I know the basics like hello, good-bye and good night.

On his goals as a basketball player...Keep Getting Better. I feel I get better every time I come to my work place. My goal is to play at the best level possible which I know I can do.

According to article in Sportando Aaron would like to play NBA Summer League with the Indiana Pacers.

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