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"The Young and the Restless"

The show ' The Young and the Restless' revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis. The idea of being young and restless conveys the thought of taking advantage of all you can while your young and full of vigor, being restless for success and going for the 'gusto' . There is no soap opera being created in Bradenton, Fl but plenty of drama...

Dan Barto
Dan Barto

What makes a drama good and keeps the audience captivated is first the performance of the actors. Then there must be a intriguing storyline filled with unexpected surprises and disappoints. To be followed up by an triumphant victory at the end of a given episode. The true key to longevity of any good drama, story or saga is the ability for the story to expand and continue growing.

In so many words Coach Dan Barto of IMG Academy basketball program has created his own show. The trailer for this show was the NBA Mock Draft, the NBA Pre-Draft predictions and even the official NBA Draft. The venue and day view for this show was broadcast to the nation at the start of the 2010 NBA Summer League and has continued to raise eyebrows to the work that Coach Barto has done with the athletes. Coach Barto's cast in this 2010 NBA Draft and Summer League included Derrick Caracter with the L.A. Lakers, Larry Sanders with the Milwaukee Bucks and Mikhail Torrence with the Miami Heat and Marques Blakely with the L.A. Clippers.

Coach Barto being only 31 years old is certainly considered young when it comes pre-draft trainers and definitely restless when it comes to his training techniques and getting his athletes bodies into NBA ready shape. " Coach Dan was real about my situation from the start. We focused on changing my body and training habits. Coach Stenstrup and IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsset me up with varies specified treatments like yoga and cold tub sessions. I've jumped in more ice cold water than a polar bear while at IMG. Coach Barto is young and energetic coach who lived in that gym with us. Honestly I could not believe how much more prepared I was than a lot of the other players I was with at summer league" says Derrick Caracter.

Coach Barto's goal is to have his players ready for all situations, he emphasizes creating the entire athlete on and off the court. "I had never literately sat down and set my on and off court goals. Doing that help me to better visualize them but also helped me to act on them. Coach Barto gave me constant feedback with I enjoyed because that told me that he wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted myself to succeed, I felt the support" says Larry Sanders. Click on Coach Barto's Hybrid Analysis of Larry Sanders.

The entire basketball world watched as these four athletes stock constantly rise as the Summer League went on. Both Derrick Caracter and Larry Sanders ended their summer league on very positive note as the 2010 Rookie Ladder shows. Mikhail Torrence who was sidelined for medical reasons with the Miami Heat is still a very promising prospect making the list by DIM Magazine of the 10 Undrafted Rookies Who Will Be On NBA Rosters This Fall. Marques Blakely performed so well in the Summer League that talks of him signing a contract with the Clippers are looming. Averaging 7.0 points , 4.8 rebounds and 2.0 steals per game Blakely is sure to land himself a spot on the roster. The drama and suspense of whats to happen this fall will be something to watch.

Dan Barto is not your average pre-draft trainer. Wise beyond his years he focuses his efforts on the future for the guys. "The draft is a small part and just the tip of the iceberg when becoming a pro. We utilize our time with players to help them think about a long term plan. We get them to understand the moment and take it all in and how to plan for the next moment. I like to get players excited about getting better. Our dedicated IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsstaff has the unique ability to evolve players skills in such a short amount of time. That's were the individualism of our training and our young aggressive staff can not be matched."

The scene is set for a good storyline.

Young IMG Academy basketball program coach gets chance to train top flight athletes...

The athletes that he trains exceeds NBA expectations...

The sky is the limit for Coach Barto and the NBA prospects...

Remember in order for any good drama to be memorable it must leave room to expand the story, expand the dialogue and expand on each character. Dan Barto and his continually growing cast of talented athletes will be a multi-episode and multi-season show that will exciting to watch in this upcoming NBA season.

Mikhail Torrence

Derrick Caracter

Larry Sanders

Marques Blakely

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