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Dynavision training board record broken! (video)

Graeme Lauriston, a former collegiate tennis player and current physical therapist at IMG Academy, has proved once again that he is consistently the fastest athlete on the Dynavision Board, our eye-hand reaction/coordination device that improves reaction time. Graeme has continually dominated the board, recording scores that have been very difficult to match.

Introduced this summer to IMG Academy, the Dynavision Board has added an entire new level of training to the vision program. Athletes are required to press a sequence of red lights as fast as they can in a given period. The correct procedure for students in training is to keep the head still, focus the eyes on a small target and trust their peripheral vision (corner of the eyes) to locate the red flashing lights, without moving their eyes or head, and to move as fast as possible to deactivate or press the target with their fingers.

Graeme demonstrates the perfect form in this video, breaking the previous record of 61 lights in 30 seconds by reaching a very respectable 63 lights. Watch the video to the end, his reaction is priceless! Currently, the best vision student is Marty Greinke, an IMG Academy baseball program athlete who has reached an excellent score of 60 lights in 30 seconds.

Graeme has also achieved the accolade of being the fastest at 1 minute with 120 lights, and 2 minutes with 217 lights struck.

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