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Now Accepting Applications

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Top 3 Ways the IMG Academy soccer program can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE in 2011!


1. IMG Academy soccer program residency program

In the past two years alone, boys and girls from the Academy program have gone on to schools like Akron, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, N.C. State, UNC, Santa Clara and many more. With a proven developmental system that focuses on the technical and tactical elements of successful soccer and supplemental programs delivered by physical conditioning, mental conditioning, nutrition and other Athletic & Personal Development program experts, you can become faster, stronger and more confident on the field.

By incorporating individual training led by experienced coaches into a team setting that involves competing in regional and national tournaments, players get the best of both worlds. The on-campus IMG Academy provides an academic environment that both challenges and encourages student-athletes. The IMG Academy soccer program isn't just for the elite - any passionate and dedicated player has a chance to earn a spot in the Academy.

If you're interested, but need a bit more information, we welcome all passionate soccer players to attend Open House Weekend, February 18-20 at the Academy's Bradenton, FL campus. You'll get a chance to view first-hand, the energy and global atmosphere that makes our 400-acre campus so unique, as well as getting a chance to chat with athletic and academic staff to better understand the Academy. Contact player development manager Jon McClay at 941-752-2673 or for more info.

We encourage you to apply early, as the Academy reached full capacity in 2010!

2. IMG Academy soccer program camps

Whether it's a random week, holiday, Spring Break or full summer of soccer training that you need, the IMG Academy soccer program has a camp to accommodate you, including:

Weekly Camps (available year-round and summer)

Goalkeeper Camps

Holiday/Spring Break Camps

3-Week Summer Camps

5-Week Summer Camps

3. IMG Cup - Girls Invitational

From April 22-24, girls' teams from around the nation will travel to the IMG Academy soccer program for a week of sunny skies, perfect playing fields and competition - will your team be one of them?

The IMG Cup will take only 32 teams (8 teams each for U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-18/19), which will experience the ultimate in youth soccer tournaments at the Academy's brand new 9-field facility. Check out pictures of the Boys Invitational from earlier this month.

For more tournament information, visit or contact Adam Gee at or 941-752-2675. With help from the IMG Academy soccer program, this is the year that you reach all of your goals!

We hope to see you soon.


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