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Bryant U junior spends Winter Break at IMG Academy lacrosse program

Max Weisenberg works with IMG Academy lacrosse program director Kevin Finneran

While many of his teammates and opponents are likely stuck inside, the frozen ground in New York covered in a layer of snow, Max Weisenberg packed his lacrosse gear and headed to the IMG Academy lacrosse program in Bradenton, FL.

With the start of the spring season not far off, Weisenberg, a junior at Bryant University, knew he had to get his game and body in peak condition.

"I knew if I wanted to really take it to the next level, it starts before the season starts," said Weisenberg. "I knew I had to come back in better shape than everyone else."

When Weisenberg travels back to New York this weekend, he will have spent two weeks at IMG Academy. From one-on-one field work with Director Kevin Finneran to classroom film sessions to physical conditioning with an Athletic & Personal Development program specialist, Weisenberg worked hard, while many of his peers rested.

"Max has been working his butt off," Finneran said. "From everything I've seen, he has all of the tools of the prototypical midfielder. He can shoot on the run. He can get ground balls. He can feed. He's got very good stick work. He's tough and has speed. He's very coachable.I think he'll be very well prepared when practice starts."

Coached by the legendary Mike Pressler, the Bryant team went 12-5 last year and are expected to do better this season with an influx of young talent. Weisenberg, who led the team with 41 points, expects more of himself, as well.

"I'm trying to be the complete midfielder," he said. "A lot of middies nowadays focus on either offense or defense. I pride myself on doing everything."

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