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Player Spotlight: Devin Ivany

Devin Ivany is currently preparing for his eighth season in the Washington Nationals farm system. He has spent time with their AAA affiliate, the Syracuse Chiefs, and hopes to break into the Major Leagues as soon as possible. He has played a variety of positions from first base to the outfield, but has been featured most at catcher.

Devin has been spending his offseason training at IMG Academy since 2008. He prefers training here because all areas of training can be done on the campus in a one-stop-shop type of deal. The new baseball facilities along with plenty of space for other outdoor activities, weight room and training rooms makes IMG Academy the premier location for his personal training.

Devin Ivany at IMG Academy

If he wasn't playing the game of baseball you would probably still be hearing from him one way or another. During his time at the University of South Florida he was studying broadcast media. He thought that, one day, he may want to get into something involving radio which was his early ambition, possibly even giving color commentary during baseball games. Right now, though, Devin is more worried about performing on the diamond then talking about it.

As of late, performing on the diamond is exactly what Devin has been doing. He has made the climb from Single A ball all the way to playing for the AAA Syracuse Chiefs in the International League. On e of his claims to fame at this point in his career is that he caught one of the final minor league games of pitching-phenomenon Stephen Strasburg before he left for the big leagues. When Devin has time away from baseball and training, which is rare, he still likes to stay active and considers himself and outdoorsman. His hobbies include surfing, golfing, tennis or pretty much any activity that keeps him on the go, but after a long day of baseball he says he prefers to take it easy at night.

The need to stay active comes with the territory of playing the catcher position. Catchers have to be quick to react at any time and while baseball in not typically a contact sport; they also have to be ready to absorb a blow from those trying to reach the plate. Devin enjoys this aspect of his job. The catcher position is often times considered the field general. The job requires protecting a baseball field's most hallowed ground and the ability to take an opponent's best hit without losing grip of the ball. Ivany relishes that roll and it keeps him coming back for more. On the topic of protecting home plate he said, “Collisions are a fun part of the game for me. I am a hockey player at heart so I like the contact.”

We wish the best of luck to Devin during the upcoming season!

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