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How much would you pay for a Super Bowl commercial?

Nick Collins, an Athletic & Personal Development program trainee, used some mental toughness -- and good leaping skills -- to return an interception for a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV

By Angus Mugford, Head of Mental Conditioning, Athletic & Personal Development program

Watching the Super Bowl, it's still pretty crazy to think that it costs $3 million to run a 30-second commercial. Having said that, companies spend that money because commercials work and there's no greater stage in American sports than the Super Bowl!

The power to make someone go out and buy your product, is not very different from the power for coach Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers to inspire and lead his team or for Aaron Rogers to tell himself that he is ready for a Super Bowl MVP performance. To help market that message to his team, it's said that Mike McCarthy went as far as to have the team fitted for their Super Bowl rings the day before the game!

Truth is, our brain creates commercials and marketing for our body all the time. It seems unbelievable, but our minds work at a rate of about 1,000 words per minute! But think if we could listen to what you are saying to yourself!? One of the important mantras in the world of mental conditioning is "where your mind leads your body follows!" When those thoughts are full of doubt or avoiding mistakes, it's amazing how the body follows.

Picture yourself on the golf course, driving off the tee and telling yourself, don't hit it in the water… sure enough what happens?! Ball goes straight into the water.

So what does a Super Bowl MVP tell himself? Try spending more time focusing on what you want to achieve, rather than what you want to avoid. Start picturing more fairways, more completed passes, quality reps in the gym! It's much cheaper than $3 million, but trust me, nothing is more important than what you are advertising to yourself!

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