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Student participate in rally to show off their S.W.A.G (photos included)

This past Saturday, IMG Academy held their first annual S.W.A.G rally hosted by Stacey Daniels, Team SWAG, and Student Services. The rally included music, games, fun and prizes that all culminated in making an exciting atmosphere for the students, staff, and families.

During the competition, teams represented by students from each sport, and one staff team, faced off against each other in a series of events to crown a SWAG Champion. The events consisted of a tug-o-war, laughing contest, dance contest, eating contest, and a game of ultimate ball.

Throughout the rally, students were encourages to cheer on their teammates, while trying to earn "SWAG" points to add to their team total scores. The event served as a great team building experience for all of those who participated.

In the end, the IMG Academy basketball program/Lacrosse/Football/IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsteam proved to have the most SWAG, and walked away with the first place trophy after earning the highest number of points throughout the competition.

Thank you to those who participated and had a helping hand in making this such a successful and entertaining event. We hope that we can do it all again next year!

Some photos from this weekend's action:

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