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Leadbetter golfers take their shot at TrackMan combine

Last week, 90 students of the IMG Academy golf program participated in the TrackMan golfing combine held right here at IMG Academy. Similar to combines held in other sports, TrackMan puts participants through a variety of drills testing their ability to hit precise shots to targets with their clubs, and keep drives off the tee in-between specified boundaries. The only difference is TrackMan is all done through a simulated video board. TrackMan also offers golfers the opportunity to analyze shots and compare clubs to find which best suits a particular golfer's game.

Once completed with the combine, the golfers received a score out of 100 ( higher scores being better) that they could compare to their own competition, as well as players on the PGA and LPGA Tours through the TrackMan website.

The highest combine score by anyone to date was an 86 by the PGA Tour's Luke Donald, but a few golfers from the Academy gave Donald a run for his money. Below are the top five scores from the IMG-TrackMan combine:

Juan Veloza - 82

Diego Schiffino - 81

Tanapol Vattanapisit - 81

Emiliano Grillo - 81

Steven Lu - 80

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