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Alex Tyus: NBA Draft trainee, part-time blogger

After recently completing finals at UF, Alex Tyus will prepare for the NBA Draft at IMG Academy

A 6-8 forward from the University of Florida, Alex Tyus will spend the next few weeks/months training and refining all parts of his game at IMG Academy.

He is also keeping a diary for The Hoops Report. From the most recent post:

Hello readers. The past week has been packed. Last week I wrote to you from IMG Academy. This is the NBA pre-draft facility that my agent and I have decided is best for me. I signed with my agency early in this process. Many say this process is difficult and stressful but this was not my experience. I met Happy Walters of Rogue Sports last summer when I trained for a few weeks at IMG Academy last year. I developed a great relationship with him and Sean Davis of Rogue Sports during the course of my senior year. Happy Walters' and Sean Davis's positive encouragement did not waiver. When it came time to make a decision, going with Rogue Sports was an easy choice. I think many athletes allow too many people in their life to assist them in making this decision. It is very important to know what you want and to keep that clear during the process of hiring an agent because people will try to sway you one way or another and the only person who knows what is best for you is YOU.

I have been traveling back and forth between IMG Academy and Gainesville, where I go to school. Since school is not out I could only train at IMG Friday through Monday. After classes on Thursday I would drive about three hours to Bradenton, Fla., where IMG Academy is located. We would train early Friday morning for about five to six hours and then I would train again later in the day for about three to four hours. After Monday's sessions I drive back to Gainesville so I can get to my 8:30 am class on Tuesday. Juggling school, NBA pre-draft training, and being a husband has been challenging, but I think I have found a nice balance. Luckily this was my last week of school and I am officially done. I just graduated yesterday from the University of Florida and have that weight off my shoulders. Now I can focus 100% on my training.

Tomorrow I will be moving to IMG Academy full time. My wife will be coming with me and we will live in a condo a block from the facility. It is nice having my wife there with me because she helps me out, and it's nice having her company ha! I will be looking forward to sharing the details of my training this upcoming week.

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