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Athletic & Personal Development program travels to CSCCa conference

Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association conference

By Jeff Dillman, Head of Physical Conditioning, Athletic & Personal Development program

I recently had the opportunity to travel with Steffen Visk and Eric Grantham, two of my coaches from the Athletic & Personal Development program (IPI), to the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) in Kansas City, Missouri. It was an opportunity to meet up with old friends and to meet new ones. One of the main reasons for going was to make coaches aware of what IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsand Combine360 is all about. On Wednesday morning, we were able to present on Combine360 to the Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches (MSCC), who are made up of some of the elite Strength & Conditioning Coaches from both the Collegiate Level and Pro levels. The presentation went well and there was a lot of great feedback about training the ‘total athlete' and establishing a measurement and training system around that concept.

There were many presenters throughout the whole week discussing various topics around strength and conditioning ranging from many topics, including:

“Dueling Football Coaches: Motivating the Masses.” Jason Veltkamp (University of Arkansas) & Matt Balis (Mississippi State University).

“The role of Carbohydrate in the Active Occasion.” John Eric Smith, Ph.D at Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

“The Weak Link: Understanding Medical Conditions and Issues that can Limit Athletic Performance,” Jeff Allen, Athletic Trainer, University of Alabama

“Building Strength From the Inside Out,” Colonel Lee Ellis, President of Leadership Freedom, LLC.

Along with having a lot of strength coaches from around the country the CSSCa had a number of vendors from Gatorade, Sorinex, Power Block, Speed Tracs, and many more showing us the latest technology. This enables coaches to stay ahead of the game in what is changing from not only supplementation but also from the equipment side of our industry.

The best part of the event was on Thursday night during the MSCC dinner and ceremony. During the event we had an opportunity to sit and have dinner with two members of the UA training council Craig Fitzgerald, Head Strength Coach at the University of South Carolina, and Dwight Galt, Head Strength Coach at Vanderbilt University. The event consisted of 8 young strength coaches becoming master strength coaches and two strength coaches that have had an impact on the industry being recognized. Trevor Moawad accepted an award of appreciation from Coach Chuck Stiggins (Head Chairman of the CSCCa) for UA and IMG support with the CSCCa.

Leaving the trenches of IMG and coming to this conference was a great reminder in how important it is to come to conferences like this. It was a great time meeting many of my peers but also being able to get a perspective of what they do with their athletes and have an opportunity to learn from each other. It was also great to learn more about the latest and greatest products from the vendors to show us where technology is going in helping us train our athletes. Next year the conference will be in Orlando, FL and we are really excited about sharing more of Combine360 and how we at the Athletic & Personal Development program train and help our athletes get to the next level!

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