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U14 Weekend Wrapup

IMG - 5, Fusion - 0 (Tuesday, May 10th)

IMG started the game off quickly scoring goals in the 8th and 11th minute. The first goal came from great combination play from the forwards…Kenny Shrimpton beat his defender on the right side, then played it into Carlos Morales at the top of the box who then played it to Remi Pimm on the left side of the box. Remi beat one defender, then played it back to Carlos on the back post for a tap in. The goal in the 11th minute came from a Jorge Abuin punt that Kenny flicked on past the Fusion defenders at midfield and Carlos beat the Fusion keeper 1v1. In the 20th minute Max Fuentes served the ball into the box from the left side and Kenny Shrimpton out jumped the keeper and headed the ball into the net. At the end of the half, Ethan Lamb played a great ball behind the Fusion defense to Remi who beat the keeper 1v1 to the near post.

In the 2nd half, IMG kept possession for most of the half. The lone goal came when Kenny Shrimpton once again beat his defender and found Ethan at the PK spot who 2 touch blasted it past the Fusion keeper.

IMG - 1, HCU - 1 (Saturday, May 14th)

IMG started the game off very slow, which enabled HCU to build confidence in the game. HCU scored in the 20th minute from a corner kick. IMG leveled the score late in the 1st half when Luca Fischer and Carlos Morales had a beautiful combination where Carlos placed the ball past the HCU keeper. In the 2nd half, IMG had the better of the lead. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be on this day…after plenty of point blank opportunities, IMG was unable to find the back of the net in the 2nd half and close the game.

IMG - 3, FC Sarasota - 2 (Sunday, May 15th)

In IMG's last home game of the season, the 14s put on a show in the 1st half and dominated every facet of the game. The team was organized defensively, led by Ian McCauley and Nick Pennebacker. Sam Kuznicki and Max Fuentes and got forward into the attack from the outsides. The midfield, which included Troy Gonzalez, Luca Fischer, Roy De La Maza, Rajmond Laski, Victor Rey, and Christian Fiechtner, dictated the tempo of the game helping IMG to control the possession. The forwards, Kenny Shrimpton, Carlos Morales, Remi Pimm, Ethan Lamb, and Nabil Brache were dangerous in the attack. Jorge Abuin posted a shutout in the 1st half with his stint in goal.

Sam was the ‘MVP' of the first half…the first goal came from his shot that he deflected off of Carlos into the back of the net. In the 2nd goal, Sam once again got forward along the right side and feeding Carlos in the box who blasted past the Sarasota keeper. The 3rd goal in the 1st half came from keeper Jorge Abuin…he punted it past midfield where a Sarasota defender headed it backwards over his own keeper.

In the 2nd half, Giovany Alcocer and keeper Alejandro Florez entered the game. Sarasota stepped up their game late and got 2 goals to make the game look closer on the scoreboard than it really was.

These games finish out a fantastic CDL season for IMG. The 14s only lost 1 game out of 16. Their record…12-1-3…finished them 1 point out of first place. Additionally, the 14s scored more goals than any team in the league and allowed the least goals against.

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