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Lax Talk with IMG Academy Lacrosse program Coach Haley: "Next Level of Speed"

As part of the IMG Academy lacrosse program summer program, each week Coach Pat Haley will write an instructional blog to help players on their future path towards success, also known as "Lax Talk". Check out what Coach Haley has to say this week:

IMG Academy Lacrosse program Coach Pat Haley

This week I want to focus on a very simple piece of advice that I offer many young lacrosse players that stems from a personal experience/revelation I had while playing my freshman year at Towson University.

I was very excited to show up to school as a freshman and impress. I worked hard all summer, showed up in great shape and with a shot that I had honed all summer long. I can remember going out onto the practice field for the first time, in all my new gear, with a summer's worth of confidence built up, ready for my first one on one. Whistle Blows…I make it about 5 steps before my stick is embarrassingly dislodged from my hands and then helicopters down to the ground. Tony Seaman, the Head Coach at that time, proceeded at that point to yell at me “HAAALLLEEYY, YOU GOTTA RUN!”

That experience helped me realize how fast you have to play the game of lacrosse. I thought that I was running fast, and remember after that first week of practice (having learned what fast actually was) wishing I could go back to high school and play at that speed. All you young lacrosse players out there have a level of speed that you have not tapped into yet.

At the IMG Academy lacrosse program we teach our players how to play fast and in control. Specific drills on the field, combined with speed training workouts with the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development programsstaff enable our players to compete at their max level of speed.

It's time you start playing with that next level of speed before the rest catch up.

Good Luck!

- Coach Haley

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