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Baseball Brainteasers with IMG 14U Wood Bat Player Jake Scheid

There is a lot of action and training going on at the fields of IMG Academy baseball program. Amongst the excitement, the IMG 14U Wood Bat League just began this week. Kids under the age of 14from all over come to IMG to train and compete on six different teams. The camp serves as a great wayto prepare players for baseball at the next level.

IMG 14U Wood Bat League Player Jake Scheid

An up and coming player in the in the 14U Wood Bat League is shortstop,Jake Scheid. Jake is a Bradenton local and attends the IMG Academy while training at IMG Academy baseball program during the year. In the Wood Bat League, Jake was recently traded from the Buccaneers to the Storm. His first game is tomorrow at 10 am against the Wahoos.

It's obvious thatJake can last nine innings in a baseball game. But do you think he can last through nine innings of questions in our Baseball Brainteasers Challenge without striking out? Lets see how he did:

1st Inning: Who just got their 3,000th hit?

Alex Rodriguez

Jose Reyes

Derek Jeter

David Ortiz

Jake's Answer: Derek Jeter

Correct Answer: Derek Jeter. Jeter just recently got his 3,000th hit against the Tampa Bay Rays on July 9th.

2nd Inning: Name the seven ways to reach first base.

Jake's Answer:

A hit

A walk

Strike 3 pass ball

Catcher Interference

Fielder's choice

Reach on throwing error


Correct Answer:

A hit

A walk

Strike 3 pass ball

Catcher Interference

Fielder's choice

Reach on throwing error


Jake amazingly got all of these answers correct without any multiple choice!

3rd Inning: What are the only teams in the MLB that don'tend inthe letter "s"?

Jake's Answer: White Sox and Red Sox

Correct Answer: White Sox and Red Sox

4th Inning: What is the longest MLB game ever?

25 innings

15 innings

30 innings

20 innings

Jake's Answer: Jake knew that 15 could not be the correct answer since the Rays and Red Sox just had an epic 16 innings battle this pass weekend. This caused Jake to take a guess and go along with 25 innings.

Correct Answer: 25 innings (Jake's lucky guess was right!)

5th Inning: Who got their 600th Home Run last season?

Alex Rodriguez

David Ortiz

Manny Ramirez

Evan Longoria

Jake's Answer: Alex Rodriguez

Correct Answer: Alex Rodriguez

6th Inning: How many World Series Championships have the New York Yankees won?





Jake's Answer: Jake didn't even need to hear the multiple choice selection since he is a huge Yankees fan, he automatically said 27!

Correct Answer: 27 Championships

7th Inning: What team just won the College World Series?

University of Florida

University of Texas

University of South Carolina

University of Virginia

Jake's Answer: He originally said University of Virginia but his friend, Michael Feliz, stopped him quickly and told him to switch his answer to University of South Carolina. Michael is also participating in the 14U Wood Bat League on the Royals team and will be training at IMG Academy baseball program full-time next year.

Correct Answer: University of South Carolina

8th Inning: Who has the most hits all-time?

Joe Dimaggio

Babe Ruth

Pete Rose

Hank Aaron

Jake's Answer: Pete Rose

Correct Answer: Pete Rose. Rose holds the record at 4,256 hits!

9th Inning: True or False: Michael Jordan played professional baseball?

Jake's Answer: True

Correct Answer: True


Jake Scheid: 9

Baseball Brainteasers: 0

This turned out to be no competition for Jake as he demolished the Baseball Brainteaser Challenge. He may have had help from his friend Michael on one question but he still managed to not strike out!

All ofthe 14U Wood Bat League games begin this week and will continue for the rest of campuntil August 14th.

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