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Who is Freddy Adu?

Although Adu was born in Ghana, he came to the United States when he was a young boy. He first played on an international level when he was just 10. Adu's talent at midfield, even at that young age, was hard to miss. As part of the United States Olympic Development Team, he showed great skills and drew interest from many teams around the world. Two years later, he joined the IMG Academy soccer program in Florida.

After spending two years with the IMG Academy soccer program Academy, Major League Soccer took an interest in Adu. The MLS signed Adu in 2003 to a lucrative $500,000 contract. He not only became the youngest player to ever join the MLS but the youngest player in any professional American sport. For Adu, the first few years in the MLS were unremarkable. He was generally relegated to substitution positions, and he made it clear he was unhappy with the arrangement.

In 2006, Adu finally got a coveted starting position at midfield. D.C. United traded Adu to the Real Salt Lake later that year, and months later, Adu went to Portugal to begin a four-year stint playing in Europe. For a while, it seemed that Adu's star, and perhaps talent, had faded. Luckily, he pulled himself together. In the 2011 CONCACAF Tournament, Adu once again showed the world how talented he was.

On Friday, Aug. 12, 2011, Adu announced his return to the MLS. He joined the Philadelphia Union.

It is clear that Adu has improved over the years as he has matured as a player. Now 22, Adu is joining a team that just lost a top scorer and top defender. Adu has not recently showed the level of skill of either Jordan Harvey or Carlos Ruiz, but hopefully with the Philadelphia Union he will excel. It will likely take a few games before he can really shine and the team is back in sync with each other. It is important to note that he had only practiced with the team for one day before the Union game against FC Dallas. Although he was not able to significantly impact that game, the future looks bright for both Adu and the Union. In the end, Adu may be just what the Union needed to make the playoffs.

He certainly brought the crowd to PPL Park with his debut.

Note: This article was written by a Yahoo! contributor.

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