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Nick Saban talks Trevor Moawad and mentally conditioning his players

In his weekly radio show Alabama's Head Football Coach, Nick Saban, sat down to answer questions about the direction and philosophy for his nationally recognized football team.

Trevor Moawad (white jacket) on the sidelines as Alabama won the 2009 National Championship

During this show, Coach Saban was asked to comment on his strategy pertaining to recruitment challenges in an era where players have expectations of major playing time. In classic Saban fashion, his response pointed out the significance of adjusting player's state of mind. Saban highlights notable insecurities prospective student athlete's posses in the transition from high school to college. The vast majority of players have unrealistic opinions about what it truly takes to become a good football player. Often underestimating the fundamental principles necessary to compete amongst their peers, yet alone gain credibility from NFL recruiters.

One of the most common questions by recruits is "Will I be able to play as a freshman," even though on average only 30% of freshman get to play. A standard method of learning over time is the motto at Alabama. Nick Saban persuades against selecting a program by potential to play early, rather the opportunity to position one's self for a strong third season. One of his teaching points is identifying the big picture as how players develop personally and where they have the best chance of academic success. Saban is not shy about praising Alabama's development program as a separating factor for unrelated issues and problems.

This personal development series is a unique combination of influential disciplines that warrant sound choices and tremendously impact decision making. IMG's Trevor Moawad does a lot of work with Alabama players that contributes to the skills needed to maximize performance. He is most proud of the professional team in place that equips Alabama athletes with essential variables that afford them competitive advantages on the football field and life. Saban supports the correlation between personal development and high performing academic status. It comes as no surprise the professional services from Trevor Moawad and others like him has set the stage for a thriving athletic program.

Listen to the conversation here, beginning 10 minutes into the radio show.

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