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IMG Academy and Cadillac team up to host golf and tennis clinics

On Friday, October 28th, 2011 IMG Academy, teamed up with Cadillac, will host the Cadillac Golf and Tennis Taste Drive at IMG Academy.

IMG Academy

The event will allow participants to receive instruction from IMG Academy Bollettieri tennis program and IMG Golf instructors. Along with the sport drills they will also go through a sport specific performance session.

Golf Performance - Experience TRX® Training to improve shoulder mobility, build lower-body stability and rotational power to increase performance. Golfers will perform a variety of exercises using the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM and RipTM Trainer designed to target lower and upper core muscles which will provide more stability and balance with every stroke in hopes of lowering your scores on the course.

Tennis Performance - Improve your power, agility and control with TRX® Training. Participants will perform a variety of exercises using the TRX Suspension TrainerTM and RipTM Trainer to enhance your on court performance. Learn how to increase your shoulder flexibility for improved serves while conducting a number of strength movements to provide more core stability and balance as the body moves on the court.

There are several different clinics available throughout the day.

Golf Session: 9am-12pm

Golf Session: 1pm-4pm

Tennis Session: 9am-12pm

Tennis Session: 1pm-4pm

Tennis Session: 6pm-9pm

For more information about the academy go to

For more information about the event go to

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