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Jay and Nick Katz: Brothers on and off the lacrosse field

Watching Lacrosse practice you can instantly see the chemistry on the field between Jay and Nick. This is mostly because the two have known each other all of their lives. The Katz brothers are both attending the IMG Academy lacrosse program by way of Old Tappan, New Jersey.

Jay (in grey) and Nick (in Black)

Unlike most teammates, the brothers are around each other at home too, this gives them a unique ability to be able to assess the others development on and off the field. When asked how the other could improve both had answers and possible solutions they could help with right away. Nick Said, "Jay could work on his attitude, he gets down on himself and I could help him by always using encouraging words during practice." Jay's answer also focuses on mental as he said, "Nick can lose focus during practice, he gets distracted sometimes and I could help by keeping his head in the game."

Guiding their improvement is their coach at IMG Academy, Pat Haley. Both boys describe him as a great, positive coach. "He gives great instruction, you know he knows what he is talking about and he isn't afraid to show us along with telling us." Both Jay and Nick have seen improvements in their shot and form working with Pat.

Nick: My form has greatly improved. I was not coached well before and I didn't know many of the proper techniques.

Jay: My shot and stick handling are my greatest improvements.

Jay and Nick would both like to eventually earn scholarships to play Lacrosse at a college. If both get their way they would be together again as both eye playing an Ivy League lacrosse schedule at UPenn. "Our grandfather and aunt went to UPenn and it would be great to carry on the legacy there," they both said.

While they've made improvements both know that more need to be made if they are to reach their goals. (Nick is in 10th grade, Jay is in 8th)

Jay: I need to work on the fundamentals and continue to improve my shot.

Nick: I want to be the best player I can be. To do this I need to work on my shooting and being more aware on the field.

Check out the table below to see more quick answers from the brothers. They both like winter sports but by far their biggest agreement was ping pong. They say many arguments are started when they play each other.

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