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Jimmy Butler gets D-Rose's support

Jimmy Butler

It only took one preseason game for Jimmy Butler to show what he could do in a NBA uniform.

Butler, who trained for the NBA Draft at IMG Academy, went 3-for-3 from the field for eight points against the Pacers. Here's what and 2011 MVP, Derrick Rose, had to say after the game:

What happened this summer?: Butler spent time back in his home state of Texas and also trained at the IMG Academy in Florida. He said he talked to Derrick Rose and various other teammates throughout the summer.

Best-case scenario: Butler plays every night like he did during Friday night's preseason opener in Indiana. He was 3-for-3 from the field, scored eight points and played with the type of aggression Thibodeau likes to see. If he can break into the rotation and become a functioning member of the Bench Mob, Thibodeau will be very pleased.

"I told you he's great, man," Rose said after Friday night's game. "He's a great addition to our team. With him being so young and understanding the game. And he has a lot of confidence, quiet confidence. Where when he's out there, he's always doing something good. He can defend. Plays smart, man, especially being a rookie. He's one of the pieces I think coach is going to use a lot."

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