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Getting to know... Pitt's Brandon Lindsey

Brandon Lindsey runs the 40 during a mock combine at IMG Academy

It's been called “The World's Toughest Job Interview.” For six days at the NFL Combine (Feb. 22 — Feb. 28), college football's best will be measured, interviewed, tested, watched and analyzed by countless NFL coaches, general managers and scouts conducting all of their due diligence before the NFL Draft. To prepare, more than two dozen prospects have traveled to IMG Academy for six-plus weeks of Physical, Mental, Communication, Nutrition and Vision training with Athletic & Personal Development program specialists and on-field training with some of the game's top football coaches through the IMG Academy football program.

Aliquippa, PA -- Home of such NFL greats like Mike Ditka, Ty Law and Darrelle Revis. Brandon Lindsey, after a standout career at the nearby University of Pittsburgh, hopes to continue that NFL tradition. Lindsey recently took time to speak about his hometown, why he could never be a boxer and the best linebacker ever (Hint: It's not a Steeler).

Brandon Lindsey on...

...growing up in Aliquippa: Everybody knows about Aliquippa. It's just a small town right outside of Pittsburgh that flourished in the 70s with the steel mills, but has fallen on hard times. Football, basketball and track are really the only thing to look forward to. It can really swarm you and swallow you whole if you don't have your mind state right. But to me, there's no place that has better tradition than Aliquippa. I have to give credit to my parents, because they wanted better things for me and my brothers.

I lived like five minutes from the stadium and you could hear the fireworks after games. As a kid you sit there and dream about running out of the tunnel and having your name called in front of all your friends.

...majoring in Administration of Justice: I'd like to use it to get my law degree or go back and get my MBA after my career is over. I've always had an interest in the CIA or FBI, too. I've always watched a lot of cop movies and love how much responsibility and love they have for their job.

...his 2012 season and position in the NFL: Honestly,I don't think I did what I was supposed to do on the field. With changing positions, I couldn't showcase my abilities as best that I could. I finished strong, which was really important to me, after I switched back to my natural position. I need toplay off the edge or just play in space where I can get after the quarterback and make plays like I did over my whole career at Pitt.

...offseason boxing training: It was something I did to make my hands and feet quicker so that I can elude blockers, ducking in and out and getting their hands off me. I didn't do any real sparring. My face is too pretty to let someone hit me in the face, that's why I could never be a boxer.

...what he would change as head of the NCAA: I'd make a 4, 6 or 8-team playoff. I'm tired of people saying, “This team could've beat that team. Like Oklahoma State could've given Alabama a better game than LSU.” Let's play it out and see. I think most college players want that. And to get paid. If that's not the biggest issue, it's the second biggest. We beat ourselves up for the university and feel like we should get something back for it.

5-Step Drop

Best linebacker ever: Ray Lewis

Best on-field celebration: I like Deion's high step. It's a classic.

One talent you wish you could have: I wish I could dance. I can't dance at all.

Biggest pet peeve: Liars and people who don't keep their word.

Conversation with one person from history: Martin Luther King. I'd ask him how he put up with all of the injustices that he did without retaliating.

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