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Will Edwards Working One on One with Chris Weinke

Will Edwards working with Chris Weinke on footwork

Class of 2014 quarterback Will Edwards (Birmingham, AL/Briarwood Christian HS)joined the IMG Academy football program for private training sessions with Director Chris Weinke. Edwards is poised to take over as the starting quarterback for the Briarwood Christian varsity squad this fall after sitting behind a division one recruit the past two seasons. Edwards, too, has the goal of playing football at the division one level and is on a good path to achieve that goal. Edwards stands at six-foot-two weighing 205-lbs already having division one size as a quarterback prospect with two years remaining to develop his already impressive skill set.

Edwards earned an invitation to the 2011 ALL-MADDEN Mini-Camp through his performance at the Jacksonville(FL) Under Armour Training Camp. Edwards enjoyed his experience well enough to revisit the IMG Academy football program; returning to work one on one with Coach Weinke.

Edwards on…

What brought him to IMG Academy for a second time

“I've been to a lot of great camps and through Under Armour I heard about IMG Academy. My father looked into it and eventually I got invited to the ALL-MADDEN Mini-Camp through my performance at an Under Armour Training Camp. I came down and got to work one on one with Chris Weinke and participated in the ALL-MADDEN Mini-Camp. It was an awesome experience to be around the talented players and NFL experienced coaching staff."

What unique qualities IMG Academy football program present in comparison to other football camps

“IMG Academy has the best facilities in the country, I love staying here and boarding with other talented players. It is so competitive around here, not only the talent level but the mind set of everyone here both the coaches and players all strive to be the best. The environment here just takes you to another level; it's also Florida so the weather is nice year around.”

What the IMG Academy football program has done to better position him to be the starting varsity quarterback

“A big focus on the mental aspects, he (Chris Weinke) has really focused on revising my throw and developing my footwork which is so important. NFL quarterbacks have room for improvement so I always have room to get better and tweak things, getting out here in the off season is the best time to focus on the fundamentals. Weinke breaks it down well enough to where you don't think about the mechanics and come game time your just doing what is natural."

How attending the ALL-MADDEN Mini-Camp has helped with the recruiting process

“ IMG Academy definitely puts you on the map with schools once you have been involved with IMG, recruiters see that and it increases the attention you get and programs are now more aware of me. They talked to us directly at the ALL-MADDEN Mini-Camp on recruiting telling us what your able to do, what you can't do, how to play it safe and how to talk to coaches. I have learned a lot about the recruiting process here."

On training with the Athletic & Personal Development program

“They showed me so many different stretches and exercises that are specific to the quarterback position. My high school does a lot of traditional lifts and here I received a workout more specific to the quarterback position. I have learned excercises from (Athletic & Personal Development program) coaches that train your body to be more explosive. The movements I have learned here are specific to the demands of the quarterback position when I am on the field."

Working one on one with Coach Weinke

“ He is a Heisman Trophy winner, knows the business in and out and he trains the best. You see how many guys come down here to train for the NFL like Cam Newton and Christian Ponder were down here last year. He knows what he is talking about; he explains things in just the right way in terms that you can understand. Coach Weinke can show you, break the movements down into steps and is able to put it all back together.”

“Weinke was able to point out my shoulder imbalance; quarterbacks use their throwing arms more than the other arm. Coach Weinke has showed me stretches and exercises to help me stay loose, more stable and balanced when I throw the ball and how to get both sides to work together. "

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