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Baseball workout plan from the Athletic & Personal Development program

Cable Squat Rotational Lift (1)

Blaine Bott, Athletic & Personal Development program performance specialist, uses these exercises to develop athletes ranging from high school to MLB veterans.

Baseball is a power athlete's sport that requires players to generate an immense amount of force in a very short amount of time. An effective baseball player must have the physical tools like lower body power, arm and core strength, to excel.


Purpose: Generate a quick and explosive movement, while enhancing the ability to use your body to create rotational force.

Stance: Position feet at shoulder width and parallel to each other. Facing lateral from the cable, grab the rope with each hand, thumbs facing up. Position your body in a ¼ squat with arms extended.

Ready Position: Maintain the ¼ squat with back in a neutral posture, scapula's retracted (shoulder blades pulled back and down). Keep both shoulders parallel with the front of the feet and hands outside the thigh.

Initiation: Extend the hips and knees while simultaneously rotating the hips and upper torso with maximal power. Continue movement in sequential extension of the torso, legs, and arms. Keep arms close to the body acting in a pull-push manner.

Completion: Lower the rope to the side of the body, then down to original position.


Purpose: Builds unilateral power in lower body.

Stance: Hold dumbbells in each hand at the hip, with the chest up, the spine in a neutral posture and your scapulas retracted (shoulder blades pulled back and down). The feet are in a lunge position - front foot with a vertical shin angle and rear foot elevated on a stationary object with knee close to hip.

Ready Position: Move to the ready position by pushing hips back and lowering the body in an eccentric lunge position with vertical shin angle, initiate shoulder retraction and draw-in core.

Initiation: Extend the hip and knee explosively while pushing through the entire front foot (ball of foot-whole foot), resulting in triple extension of the front leg.

Execution: Rapidly thigh pop the front leg and dorsiflex the front foot, for a ball of foot-whole foot landing, decelerating the hip to start position.

Completion: Movement is continuous as long as vertical shin angle and balance is established.


Purpose: Generate a quick and explosive full body movement. Enhance the ability to use your body to create rotational force.

Stance: Position feet at hip to shoulder width apart and parallel to each other, with pressure equally dispersed. Place deadball between the feet with center of ball at the heel.

Ready Position: Shift your hips back and down, positioning body into a squat, thighs parallel to floor. With arms extended, spine in neutral posture, retract shoulders (shoulder blades pulled back and down), head neutral.

Initiation: Extend the hips and knees while simultaneously rotating the hips and upper torso with maximal power. Deadball will travel up the body and extends the arms overhead into triple extension.

Execution: Explosively throw the deadball into the floor, decelerating at the hips into a lunge position.

Completion: Stand tall and place deadball between feet.


Purpose: Prehabilitation to enhance shoulder longevity by strengthening the rotator cuff, rhomboids, and lower trapezius.

Ready Position: Lay prone on a bench with arms extended to floor holding head neutral.

Initiation: With thumbs facing up the body, retract shoulders back and down.

Execution: With shoulder retraction, a slow and controlled movement lifts the arms up toward the outside of the hip. Arms stay extended and thumbs rotate from up the body to up towards ceiling.

Completion: Lower arms in a controlled manner back to start position. Re-retract the shoulders for every repetition, and only use low weight 1 to 3 pounds

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