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2012 Cam Newton Skills Challenge Recap

More than 200 high school football players from around the country arrived at IMG Academy on Friday to participate in the 2012 Cam Newton Skills Challenge. The day began as the crowd of participants gathered around to be addressed by former Heisman Trophy winners Chris Weinke, director of the IMG Academy football program, and Cam Newton, former number one overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft and current Carolina Panthers starting quarterback.

Cam's message to the athletes was clear, “You don't get here by talent alone, you've got to work hard to stay on top.”

Hard work was definitely the theme of the day. Cam Newton was on-hand to personally oversee the day-long event featuring a skills competition, C360 fitness challenges and an obstacle course.

Cam Newton and IMG Academy joined together to form the event with a goal of advancing the youth initiative at the core of the Cam Newton Foundation.The players were enthusiastic about being able to play in front of Chris Weinke and Cam Newton.

Central Florida Top Recruits' QB Alton Meeks, a Cincinnati commitment, said, “Our team has been working really hard, putting together the best players in central Florida. It's really awesome to be able to play in front of great players this weekend like Cam Newton and Chris Weinke."

However, the focus on the weekend's championship tournament was evident.

Team 239's Mike Heuerman, a Notre Dame commitment, commented, “Its great being here competing against some of the top players in the country and meeting some of the players who you will be playing against in the future”

Tomorrow, the second annual IMG 7v7 National Championships will commence, with team warm-ups beginning at 10:30 a.m., and pool play scheduled to commence at 10:45 a.m. The effort and intensity will only escalate as participants in the club and high school divisions vie to take home the title.

“They come down here and are serious about winning the entire thing. They had the quarterback challenge which is fun, but tomorrow, that's when it's down to business … Tomorrow you will be able to cut the intensity with a knife,” remarked seven-year NFL veteran Michael Hawthorne.

UNation was on hand to capture additional action photos and footage of the event throughout the day. Material from today's event, in addition to photos, interviews, and live streaming of Sunday's championship game at 3:45pm will be available here:

Full list of results from the 2012 Cam Newton Skills Challenge follows. All winners received prizes from Bite Tech,TRX, and/or TriggerPoint.

Combine 360 Challenges


10-14: Scott Leven, Team Wham

15-18: Bryce Harris, Team Grady

Battle Jacks

10-14: Alejandro Canavati, Team Wham

15-18: Joey Banks, Team True Grit

Jump Rope

10-14: Shane Eilers, Team Crush

15-18: Tyler Kaminski, Team Timing


10-14: Kevin Fuseykimotie, Team Wham

15-18: Steven Rogers, Team True Grit

Rope Slams

10-14: Taylor Pawelkoski, Team Arc and Pacers

15-18: Collins King, Team Carver


10-14: Scott Leven, Team Wham

15-18: Mykel Gerace, Team Technique

300yd Shuttle

10-14: Scot Leven, Team Wham

15-18: Mykel Gerace, Team Technique

Football Challenges


10-14: Samuel Thomson, Team Rhythm

15-18: Cam Sutton, Team Cam Newton All Stars


10-14: Collin Parker, Team Junk

15-18: Kyle Gibson, Team Tampa


10-14: Sage Lee, Team Junk

15-18: Mike Fiacable AWP


10-14: Peter Romanick, Team Technique

15-18: Richard Benjamin, Team Tampa


10-14: William Robinson, Team Crush

15-18: Tevin Saloman, Team BBT Athletics


10-14: Alejandro Camavati, Team Wham

15-18: Trey Hendrickson, Team Top Recruits

Obstacle Course

10-14: Mykel Grace, Team Technique

15-18: Trevor Wright, BBT Athletics

Cam Newton Skills Challenge Champions - Team Wham

Snapshots from the day:

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