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IMG Academy Soccer Donates Over 600 Soccer Uniforms to Uganda Community

With students and campers from Brazil to China and everywhere in between, IMG Academy is truly making a global impact on the lives of its athletes. Recently, however, IMG Academy made a global impact in an entirely different way by not only hosting athletes from communities across the globe but also by giving back to these communities.

Uganda Children And Their New Uniforms
Uganda children and their new uniforms

Most recently, IMG Academy Soccer did its part to give back to the global soccer community by teaming up with Watoto Child Care Industries to donate over 600 full uniforms as well as socks and warm-up pants to several villages in Uganda. Watoto is an organization dedicated to rebuilding Uganda through the rescue and development of its youth, that is having much success thanks in large part to donations such as these.

IMG Academy Uniforms Already in Use!

The more than 600 full uniforms were received with much excitement from the children in these communities. According the Watoto US Executive Director, Eugene Stutzman, "to say they were thrilled is an understatement." While the initial shock value to the children was obviously of great impact, it is also important to note the long terms effects of these donations as well as others like it in these small soccer communities. Says Uganda soccer coach, Kenneth Akeena:

"We had neverreceived full sets of jerseys so we are grateful forthis kind of gesture. This is a step to enhancing the schools' sports departments."

The uniforms, which arrived about a week ago to the villages of Suubi and BBira, will be used for local soccer practices as well as tournaments. With the help of donations like this, Watoto has been able to help more than 2,400 children in Uganda and hopes to help over 10,000 children within the next 10 years.

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