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Dimitrije Kastratovic and Andrea Ruther, IMG Academy Basketball Athletes of the Week, July 9th-13th

Dimitrije Kastratovic

Every week at least one athlete from each sport will earn theGatorade “G Standout Award”/IMG Academy Athlete of the Week for displaying Heart, Hustle and Soul, and exhibiting a true desire to reach their true athletic potential.

The IMG Academy Basketball winners of theGatorade “G” Standout Award/IMG Academy Athletes of the Week Awardare…

Dimitrije Kastratovic and Andrea Ruther


Andrea: 12

Dimitrije: 15


Andrea:Monterrey, Mexico

Dimitrije:Belgrade, Serbia


Andrea: Guard

Dimitrije:Shooting guard

Favorite Athlete:

Dimitrije: Kevin Durant

Favorite Team:

Dimitrije: Boston Celtics

Best Advice Received:

Andrea: To always push yourself

Dimitrije: Always give your best effort

Favorite Part of IMG Academy:

Andrea: Getting better at basketball and meeting new people

Dimitrije: The energy of the coaches

Favorite Subject:

Andrea: Language arts

Dimitrije: English

Favorite Band:

Andrea: One Direction

Biggest Superstition:

Andrea: Always listen to music

Dimitrije: Always listen to music

These players have displayed Attitude, Concentration and Effort on a daily basis and have received recognitionby our coaching staff. Our coaching staff strives daily to deliverQuality Instructionwithin aCompetitive Environmentand provide all of our summer camp athletes with theOpportunityto fulfill their individual athletic potential.Athleticism, Strict Discipline, High Work-Rate,and aWinning Mentalityare the minimum expectations. CongratulationstoDimitrije and Andrea who have excelled!

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