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Trevor Moawad sits down to explain mental conditioning

Trevor Moawad

Trevor Moawad, director of the Athletic & Personal Development program, recently sat down with Sarasota Magazine's Hannah Wallace to explain mental conditioning and how it relates to physical performance.

From the July 2012 Issue:

Motivation: “At Alabama football, the morning of this year's national championship game, I gave many of the players mirrors and told them that the person they see in that mirror is the person who's responsible for their success. I told them not to let someone else carry that weight. “

Nutrition: “Eating right is a character decision. Most people understand the difference between an apple and a bag of Doritos. When we make a bad choice, it's not from a lack of information.”

Self-talk: “We all talk to ourselves on a subconscious level between 800 and 1,300 words a minute. You might be thinking, ‘I don't like this coach, I'm tired, my legs are sore, today's not my day, I can't seem to find my backhand, I hope the ball doesn't come to me.' That affects our emotional state, and that's the gateway to how we perform.”

Goal-setting: “If you walk into a grocery store, and you don't have a list, you might wind up with a bunch of things you don't need, and forget a bunch of things that you came there for. A lot of people approach their career that way—no list.”

Sustaining success: “First you form a habit, and then that habit forms you. Success is built around habits. No matter how successful you've been, if you get away from the right habits, you're going to struggle. You have to earn it every day.”

To read the entire article that accompanied this interview, visit Sarasota Magazine.

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